Mp3Doctor PRO 2017

From the time of the 90s, when computing came to the houses, audio was perhaps the first and main type of files that people sought to share.
Such was the demand, that the format mp3 should have been generated, which allowed to maintain an audio quality similar to the original one, without a perceptible loss of quality, but using much less disk space and transfer space, to be able to make a reality this longed Possibility of exchanging and transferring music files.

But one of the most obvious problems that accompanied this situation was the disparity in the level of volume of each file, since the samplerate, the bitrate and other parameters changed in each file, generating the mentioned disparity in levels of gain of volume.

Soon someone came up with an idea: compare the file, or rather, the peaks of the file, with the maximum tolerable peaks without distortion and then amplify the whole file by that number. That was the first and most rudimentary audio normalizer, which sought to avoid the need to be forced to manipulate the audio knob once a new mp3 began.

Over time this method became more sifistic and efficient, until now we have released the Mp3Doctor PRO2 2017 which is a very advanced program that allows to make very advanced corrections.