Audio volume booster: What does “normalize” a song mean?

What does “normalize” a song mean? Audio volume booster

Initially the normalization simply assumed that the sound peaks were amplified, to bring them to the maximum possible point without causing any distortion in the sound. That was the whole process of normalization two decades ago, when the mp3s boom began and the exchange of mp3s on the net.

Today, Mp3Doctor PRO2 2017 offers a much more sophisticated process to achieve a correct and efficient normalization, a boost to the volume level. What it does is make a thorough analysis, in each frequency band, in each frame (an audio file contains millions of frames in a single song of 3 minutes) and manages to give a treatment that generates a balance in the different sounds. Even some instruments or sinodos that go unnoticed, can be noticed after normalizing the audio with Mp3Doctor PRO2 2017.
Of course another advantage is that it offers the possibility to standardize the main audio formats, not just mp3s. Now you can normalize flac, ogg, and many other formats.
If anyone is interested in normalizing the sound of some other program file called Mp4Gain, which can perfectly normalize the audio of many video formats. This software is available in Mp4 Gain dot com.
But if you are only interested in standardizing audio formats (the main audio formats) with the Mp3Doctor PRO2 2017 you will be able to get your entire music collection to have the same level of audio volume.